The Community Survival Plan

theplancoverThe Community Survival Plan

How to Organize a Community Emergency Preparedness Group

Duration: Two Hours

The best way to survive any disaster is with the help and support of an organized team. What all current survival knowledge lacks is a realistic organization plan for creating a group that would assist each other, and the community at large, during a disaster.

As anyone who has tried can tell you, organizing a group is much more difficult than you would think.

This workshop will provide people the needed tools to organize a community for the purposes of mutual support during a disaster, and even beyond that to become a self reliant and self sufficient community.

This workshop shows attendees:

  • The huge benefits of organizing on a community level
  • The historical success of such groups in the past
  • Why a leaderless and egalitarian structure is best

Based on the up-coming book of the same name, The Community Survival Plan is a simple plan of action that anyone can use to create a network of people that are prepared to support each other, not only during short term emergencies, but even through long term disasters.

Unique advantages of this Plan include:.

  • It is applicable to every geographic environment, from inner city, to suburbs and rural areas
  • It is scalable to groups of five people to fifty people
  • It can be adopted by people of any and all income levels
  • It can be used to provide both short term emergency care, and long term sustainability

Watch the slide show video below!


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