Testing the Bug Out Bag

Joe Lake

I had a chance to test our Bug Out capabilities the other weekend when I took my 59 year old wife and our 23 year old family friend into the wilds of Algonquin Park.

I had been canoeing the Park since I was 13 and part of a three year outward bound program that was the best learning experience I ever had at my middle school. I learned how to travel light and make do with the minimum amount of comforts.

Canoeing anywhere into the park requires that you do at least one portage, and often three or more per day. This means humping everything you brought, plus the canoe and paddles anywhere from 100 yards to three miles. Read More


The Summer Shower that Took Down Toronto


Toronto, a modern international city, financial and cultural capital of Canada, was taken down in twenty minutes by a summer shower.


On Monday July 8th a record 126 millimetres of rain fell on Toronto in just two hours. Around 4:30, just into rush hour, the sky turned black and a sudden deluge descended. Twenty minutes later the power went out throughout the city. A half hour later every major artery out of the city was flooded. The flooding combined with the lack of traffic lights ensured that traffic throughout the city came to a standstill. Read More



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