Disaster Preparedness Leaders Workshop

Search&RescueDisaster Preparedness: Leaders Workshop

Duration: 6 Hours

During a disaster most people will experience one  of three reactions. They are; Shock, Fight, Flight or Freeze, and the Bystander Effect.

Each reaction will make that person useless to help either themselves or anyone else. Precious time and possibly even lives can be lost by the inaction these reactions cause.


However, there is one simple solution to all three negative reactions – leadership.

Just one person in a crowd, willing to take charge, and ask other people to participate, can rally and motivate a group of people so that they work together effectively to deal with the situation.

This workshop is aimed at giving participants the knowledge and confidence to make a huge difference during a disaster by assuming a leadership role in rescue and survival activities.


Emergency Evacuation Kit aka Bug Out Bag

The course will provide an overview of the five core survival needs, these include Shelter,  Nourishment, Medical, Communications, and Security.

teamsbannerThe Program is divided into five one hour modules each focused on one of the five survival needs, and the final hour devoted to Q&A and general discussion.


Topics include:

  • Disaster psychology, what you need to look for, and how to deal with panic
  • Principles of Improvised shelters, alternative heating
  • How to improvise a decontamination and quarantine room


Topics include:

  • What you need to know about storing and purifying water
  • What you should know about food preservation
  • How to improvise alternative methods of cooking


Topics include:

  • How to assemble a comprehensive First Aid Kit


Topics include:

  • How to organize a Telephone Tree
  • What are the different types of radio communications available after a major disaster
  • How to signal for rescue


Topics include:

  • How to assemble a Bug Out Bag
  • How to plan an evacuation
  • How to search for missing people

In this in-depth full-day workshop the presenter will deliver a comprehensive and detailed presentation to help participants to fully prepare for various types of short and long-term emergencies.

Participants will come away with a clear overview of all facets of an emergency and will know how to take charge of and coordinate and direct the activities and efforts of survivors.


Note: Participants will have the opportunity to discuss specific issues and circumstances in order to ensure their emergency preparedness plan is workable. All participants will also be given resources with which to follow up including various government resources and information to help with their preparation.

All participants will receive a booklet covering the topics in the workshop as well as a step-by-step plan and what to do for during any disaster for the first three days!

Contact us to find out how you can book this unique workshop for your group.


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