Disaster Preparedness for Condos

urbantorontoDisaster Preparedness for Condo Owners

Duration: 2 Hours

What would happen to your multi-dwelling high-rise property if the power went out for three days?

Imagine upwards of a thousand people with no electricity, no elevators, no water, with toilets overflowing, and medical emergencies from people trying to climb forty stories while carrying groceries.

It’s easy to see that things could become chaotic very quickly and the resultant damage to property, tenant relations, property values and increased insurance costs could be a nightmare for any property management company.

So what is the solution to this potential disaster? More security staff would be too costly and unlikely to be any more effective at controlling such a situation.

Fire_Warden3557The answer lies in the tenants. If only one tenant on every floor (Floor Warden) had just a little information on emergency planning and preparedness then everyone would have the guidance needed during an emergency to prevent panic, reduce injuries and property damage, and promote a safe environment.

The Disaster Preparedness for Condo Owners is a fun and informative two hour seminar offered to the tenants of high rise condominiums that provides information specific to the types of emergency situations that could occur in a high rise building.

Topics Include:
• What to do during a black out
• What to do during a fire
• What to do during a terrorist attack
• How to coordinate emergency procedures with security staff

Each participant will receive a Disaster Preparedness Guidebook!

21155By offering this seminar to your tenants you not only help to insure that any disaster can be safely dealt with by the tenants themselves, but will also promote community and cooperation within the building.

We also have a Floor Warden training program and can supply Warden Safety Kits.



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