Custom Designed Emergency Kits

31500v1Not All Emergency Kits Are Created Equal

A store-bought office emergency kit could be practically useless to someone working in remote areas, while a wilderness survival kit would be practically useless for someone working in a factory.

We will consult with you and design a kit based on the industry and environment your people will be working in.


We take into account such factors as:

  • Predominant weather patterns
  • Major hazards found in each particular environment and geographic location
  • Dangers inherent in your occupation
  • Number of people that will be relying on the kit

For example, if your crew is working in arid conditions then we double the water rations, if in subarctic conditions we include heavy duty thermal blankets and space heaters, if in danger of forest fires we add burn dressings to the first aid kit and , if your crew has to be mobile we pack the kit into backpacks, if stationary we pack the kit into impact resistant wheeled storage containers.

In addition, most off-the-shelf kits contain cheaply made items like plastic flashlights that break when you drop them, flimsy ponchos and space blankets, crappy AM radios that just don’t work, and emergency food that is inedible.

Our kits are more expensive, but do you want to risk the health and lives of your employees on a cheaply made emergency kit?

Each kit is custom designed and assembled using the best equipment for the job by our own team.

We do not resell existing kits!

But that’s not all.

Just because your crew have emergency kits, doesn’t make them survival experts.

We will create a custom instruction video that will teach your employees how to use each of the items specific to your custom kits. They can up-load the video to their smart phone or tablet to reference when needed.

Boston-Internet-Safety-PresentationWe can also arrange in-house workshops for your people that will cover the use and application of your custom kits.

No other company in Canada offers these kits and customized training videos and programs.


utv-vehicles-in-remote-areaThis service is ideal for:

  • Mining companies
  • Surveying crews
  • Prospecting teams
  • Logging companies
  • Trucking companies
  • Remote area oil drilling
  • Summer Cadet camps

Contact us for free initial consultation.

Download our PDF brochure here: Custom Emergency Kits

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