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venturastudioStefan Verstappen


Stefan is a former head instructor for St. John Ambulance where he taught advanced first aid and CPR for the Brampton Fire Department and the Ontario Provincial Police Academy. He organized and ran emergency disaster drills for local industries and for the city of Brampton where he was awarded The Brampton Mayoral Award for Public Service and the Priory Vote of Thanks from St. John Ambulance for his participation in mock disaster drills.

He has worked as a wilderness survival instructor for the Toronto’s Boys home, taught orienteering at Cold Creek Conservation Park, worked as a farm hand at Albion Hills Conservation Park, and volunteered for the ski patrol at the Honey Pot ski resort.

In 2000 Stefan moved to Southern California where he lived on a horse ranch in the mountains and became an avid Mountain Biker riding many of the local trails and volunteering for Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue.

Since returning to Toronto in 2012 Stefan has been teaching emergency preparedness workshops. He has written two books on disaster preparedness, The Art of Urban Survival, and The Community Survival Plan.

Stefan has appeared on dozens of radio and TV shows talking about disaster preparedness.


 Advisory Board

jamesBJames Bremner
Bremner Associates Inc.

James Bremner has over 25 years experience in law enforcement. He has served in uniform patrol, SWAT (as a gun team member, team leader, sniper, rappel master, explosives technician), Gang Task Force (weapons technician and tactical trainer) and is currently assigned as a Use of Force and Firearms instructor. Through his own private company, Bremner Associates Inc., he provides tactical training and instruction for various police, military and security agencies throughout North America and abroad.

kappMDRonald Kapp, MD, PhD
Emergency Room Physician
Board Certified Forensic Medicine
National Park Service, Medical Advisor, 2000-2006

Dr. Kapp is an Emergency Room Physician with over 25 years experience.

He is Board Certified in Forensic Medicine and is registered as a Designated Doctor with the Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation.

He served as the National Park Service Medical Adviser for the Yosemite Search & Rescue Program for 5 years and founded the Yosemite Medical Clinic Wilderness Medicine Training Program as its first Medical Director.  He was a founding member of the Board of Directors for the not-for-profit, “Friends of Yosemite Search & Rescue.”


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