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Due out August 2016

A Master’s Guide to the Way of the Warrior

A guide to advanced means and methods of the warrior’s way.

A Master’s Guide To The Way of the Warrior, is a unique and comprehensive guide to applied Eastern philosophy and the martial arts.

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This book combines ancient wisdom, and modern research, with a tough street-smart perspective.

It covers martial arts training methods such as; physical training exercises, hand-to-hand combat strategies and tactics, weaponry, and escape and evasion tactics.

It also integrates applied philosophy in order to; improve sensory perception, read people’s intentions and emotional states, control fear, pain, and anger.

To date most martial arts books have been written at an introductory level to acquaint readers with the rudiments of martial arts culture, leaving the advanced methods to be learned later or directly from a master. This work aims to appeal to both beginners and advanced martial arts practitioners as well.

The Master’s Guide to the Way of the Warrior contains:

  • More than 80 Training Exercises
  • How to see better and hear more clearly * How to relax, meditate, overcome fear and pain * How to improve strength, co-ordination, balance and speed * How to deal with anger and aggression
  • Over 125 Strategies and Tactics
  • Street fighting strategies to use against one or multiple attackers *
  • Over 100 Quotes From Ancient and Contemporary Thinkers, and Over a Dozen Classical Oriental Folk Tales

The author provides a practical philosophy supported by the writings of Sun Tzu, Wu Tze, Lao Tze, Chuang Tze, The Tai Kung, Munnenori, Musashi, Suzuki, and Takuan Soho to name a few.


The Best Insurance Against Disaster – Is to be Prepared

These are turbulent times with endless news reports on wars, riots, terrorist attacks, natural disasters and nuclear catastrophes.

One thing we know for sure, that during the early stages of a disaster, you will have to deal with the crisis on your own.

Today, more than ever, we need to ensure everyone has both the skills and materials to survive the crucial first few hours and days of a disaster.

Urban Survival Strategies offers talks, workshops, and training courses, for groups and communities to help them prepare for any emergency, both for short term disasters, and long term sustainability.

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When you purchase a copy of the book The Art of Urban Survival on flash-drive we will include a complete library of over survivaldrive2125 books and manuals that will teach you how to survive just about any Emergency, Disaster or Catastrophe from three days, to three years!

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What is Emergency Preparedness?

It is a fact that during the first few hours to possibly months, of a disaster, whether natural or man-made, you will not have the benefits of emergency services such as medical, fire, nor police.

Emergency Preparedness is the efforts of average citizens to acquire the basic skills, knowledge, and equipment in order to provide those emergency services for their families and communities.

Studies have shown that if people acquire minimal emergency response training they would greatly increase their chances of surviving and most importantly prevent the secondary injuries that occur after the initial disaster.

 What is Urban Survival?

Most people live in a city, whether downtown or in the suburbs, we are denizens of an urban jungle. If a disaster strikes, it will strike while we are in a city. Therefore urban survival includes the knowledge and skills to effectively deal with an emergency under the conditions of a high density, low resource, urban environment.

 What is mission of urban survival strategies?

We at Urban Survival Strategies believe in promoting sustainable, renewable, and self sufficient communities.

The first step towards this goal, is emergency preparedness.

By learning how to provide for their own shelter, emergency medical treatment, nourishment, communications, and security, communities will lessen their dependency of state run services, that may or may not be available when needed most.

Having the knowledge to survive for three days without outside assistance, is the template by which people can survive three months or three years without outside assistance.


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